Preparing for the first step!


Our first pool, IVPC0, will launch very soon!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

We provide security and reliability that exceed industry standards! This is achieved by designing a system from the ground up with security in mind at every step and refusing to take shortcuts for the sake of convenience.

We use multi-factor authentication with all of our vendor accounts, and even for ssh access to our servers. We follow all of the server hardening techniques listed at and, and we use our years of cybersecurity field experience to find even more ways to secure our systems.

Our primary reason for running a stake pool, before making money, is education. The Cloud Gurus, LLC founder has worked at the university where he earned a cybersecurity degree and currently works for his local K-12 school system where his wife also teaches.

Building a stake pool has been a perfect way to teach the Linux CLI to young students and professional colleagues, alike. It’s a rewarding experience to see people take this experience back to their classes and their jobs where they can apply that new knowledge in ways that help them succeed.

Our first pool is being built on the AWS platform. In the interest of education, we wanted to make sure we introduced students to the platoform they’re likely to see the most of in their professional careers. If/when we approach saturation, we will design future pools on Digital Ocean, Azure and other platforms in the interest of further decentralizing the Cardano network.